Protecting and promoting the rights, needs, and concerns of Deaf people in Canada.

Deaf Terminology

What are the ‘proper’ terms and definitions to be used in regard to deafness? The Deaf, the deafened, and the hard of hearing are all very distinct groups. Using the proper terminology shows respect for their differences.

International Week of the Deaf

In the last full week of September, the IWDeaf is celebrated by families, peers, governments, professional sign language interpreters, and others through various activities by respective Deaf communities in Canada and around the world.

CAD-ASC provides consultation and information on Deaf needs and interests to the public, businesses, media, educators, governments, and others. We conduct research and collect data, issue reports, and provide expertise regarding Deaf concerns and rights. We develop and implement pilot programs and “best practices.” We offer assistance to Deaf organizations and service agencies across the country and also provide a major library and resource centre on deafness at our office in Ottawa, Ontario.