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This project has been completed and is no longer active but you can still order the interactive DVD.

The Bridge of Signs is a DVD program that teaches American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des Sourds du Quebec (LSQ) to children over 6 months of age and to their parents. Through step-by-step animations and video clips, simple signed concepts are illustrated. An ideal parent-child activity that can engage the entire family, the Bridge of Signs DVD can grow with your child. Begin with basic signs and work to expand vocabulary as your child matures.

How Bridge of Signs can benefit you…
“Bridge of Signs” is intended to increase the ability of a child to communicate effectively by teaching ASL or LSQ to the child. Awareness of how a disability had interfered with a child’s communication was brought into focus as the model engaged children, parents and educators in creating a meaningful communication– including that produced by speech. As noted by teaching staff, speech language therapists and parents, hearing children who have used the Bridge of Signs model in ASL or LSQ continued and in some cases, increased their language development through sign language and increased verbalization.


  • 175 commonly used signs in easy to find categories
  • Colourful images for each word
  • Voice and written prompts for each expression
  • High definition video clips showing each sign and gesture

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