The accessibility project was funded by the Government of Canada to undertake research on six areas of accessibility barriers: emergency services, employment services, built environment, communications, technologies, and indigenous accessibility. Six committees were established to analyze and identify barriers and give recommendations to improve federal accessibility policies to meet the needs of the Deaf/Deafblind community. Since 2020 we have consulted with the Deaf communities through consultations and virtual town halls. Reports were developed with a list of recommendations for stakeholders in the Government of Canada. For further information, you may access and view the copies of executive summaries and PowerPoint slides. The recording of the previous national conference in 2022 can be viewed. The 2023 national conference will be held on March 26th and April 2nd. If you want to request to view the comprehensive report either in English or French, please contact us.

2022 Report

Emergency Services Report

Built Environment Report

Employment Services Report

2022 National Conference Recording